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Welcome to Being, Knowing, Doing

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Celebrate Life with Those who have Passed On.

Deborah is an Intuitive Medium who has unique abilities to connect with loved ones who’ve crossed over.  Whether you attend a gallery, guided meditation or a private session, you will feel comfort, peace and hope in a calm, relaxed and non-judgmental manner. Learn to trust your own intuition with your loved ones. Continue your ‘conversations’ with those who have passed.

Deborah can also help give guidance on matters of relationships, career, finances, finding lost objects and overall clarity to areas of your life that may seem ‘stuck’ or ‘unfair’.

Deborah will provide you with insights as to why things are happening in your life and how you can make small changes into personal Transformation.

*Register for Events

August 9th Gallery at the Center!!

Allow Deborah to communicate with your Loved Ones Who Have Passed! Deborah will bring through messages from family and friends who have crossed over to audience members. Not everyone will receive a message at this event, but Deborah does her best to keep you entertained and intrigued. $50pp. Payment with Registration Required

Let Go with Anne Quinn

Free Fall into a New Way of Being....

Leap...and the Net will Appear....

Reiki Class Starting 10-12-14

Reiki Level One - Energy Awareness Workshop with Deborah!

Reiki Class Starting 10-3-14

Reiki Level Two Certification

ONLY AVAILABLE TO STUDENTS WITH REIKI ONE LEVEL CERTIFICATION BY DEBORAH (Sorry - other Reiki One Level Certifications are not accepted)

Winner! Favorite Psychic Medium!

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